Wellbeing Toolkit

Support Rehabilitation for people leaving a psychiatric clinic in order to prevent relapse

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Kits that are sent through the post

The Challenge

As part of Finland’s 365 Wellbeing initiative, our design team was challenged to help people who were recovering from mental illness, with a key focus on supporting the journey of leaving the hospital which can often be a tricky time to navigate for people leaving care facilities, due to isolation a change in routine and a lack of motivation to stay mentally active.

The Solution

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The Process

We carefully mapped the stakeholders involved in this complex journey back to a self sufficient life and identified key people and organisations to talk to. The team was careful to get many perspectives:from doctors and nurses, to NGOs to the patients and ex patients.

We ran several workshops, each with different tools to help engage different stakeholders. One of the main insights we gathered through talking to a patient, or ‘expert by experience’, was that mental health is a universal issues and so we needed to focus on creating holistic systems that promoted a healthy body, which can lead to a healthy mind. This would in turn reduce the danger of relapse.

‘Our Step’ is a company that aims to promote mental wellbeing by offering products that motivate people to stay active. “My Step’ are the kits that are sent through the post, containing products that support the rehabilitation process. For instance a smart, social pedometer to encourage walking and exercise or a special filter camera so that patients can document when they feel certain emotions at certain times or in certain places.

The kits are sent over a stretch of time depending on the progress of the receiver. The kits are built by a multidisciplinary team of designers, health practitioners and ‘experts by experience’ to provide products and services that are beneficial to as many people as possible.