Lewis Just

Designing Sustainable Futures

Based in Glasgow, Lewis is a designer focused on creating sustainable futures through shifting perspectives with tangible experiences, co-creating products and services and building new impact ventures today for a better tomorrow.

Facilitated Workshops

B Corp Summit: Go Low on Carbon

The Netherlands, 2019 | 100+ Business Leaders

Blended Learning for Startups

Nigeria, 2018 | 30 Startup Hub Managers

Oxfam co-creation of Youth Hubs

Indonesia, 2017 | 25 Youths and Community Leaders

Design Thinking for Plastic Pollution

Aruba, 2016 | 15 Passionate locals


Scaling Impact
Glasgow School of Art, Online.
January 14th 2022

Symbiotic Futures
Glasgow School of Art, Online.
October 11th 2021

Workplace of the future
Bloc Brewery Living Lab Series, Online.
October 8th 2020

The future of design
Ghana Design Network, Online.
September 16th 2020

Making a sustainable economy the "new normal"
Economia Conference, Eindhoven, Netherlands.
June 25th 2020

Designing futures and living in them
Speculative Futures Meetup, Glasgow, UK.
February 13th 2020

A new experience for sustainable offices
New Business Summit, Dordrecht, Netherlands.
February 6th 2020

Less talk, more action; How we really change
ChangeNOW International Summit, Paris, France.
January 30th 2020

Behaviour Change for festivals, offices and governments
DRIVE Innovation Festival, Eindhoven, Netherlands.
October 24th 2019

Balancing our economy and ecology
World forum for Responsible Economics, Lille, France.
October 15th 2019

A Sustainable currency for our Spaceship Earth
Waterkant Festival, Kiel, Germany.
June 14th 2019

UX Design for sustainable systems
Permaculture Symposium, Forres, UK.
June 10th 2019

The first 1000 days of building a product
Good Festival Summit, lausanne, Switzerland.
May 15th 2019

Doing more good with less
Innofrugal Conference, Helsinki, Finland.
May 7th 2019

Sustainable interventions at Universities
Erasmus Sustainability Days, Rotterdam, Netherlands.
6th March 2019

Lessons from a non linear design career
Glasgow School of Art, Glasgow, UK.
9th February 2019

Rebalancing our economy for people and planet
Balance Unbalance Conference, Rotterdam, Netherlands.
19th September 2018

Designing new festival experiences
ADE Green, Amsterdam, Netherlands.
9th October 2018

Gamification of our economy
Border Sessions, The Hague, Netherlands.
28th June 2017

Design for Change
ClickNL Conference, Delft, Netherlands.
16th May 2017

Sustainable systems
Dutch Design Week, Eindhoven, Netherlands.
21st October 2016

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