Plastic Beach Party

We are a local plastic recycling facility that turns PET, HDPE, LDPE, PP, PS, PLA, PC and ABS plastics into re-usable, plastic intensive, and re-recyclable products. We support plastic free packaging, end engage in citizen science to understand the impacts of plastic on our environment. We started out as the result of an open design thinking workshop led by Lewis Just, to imagine and prototype how we could actually recycle plastic in Aruba. Since then we crowd-funded and built the Precious Plastic machines, started recycling, and have a variety of clients from hotels to households.

Metabolic Foundation
Design Facilitator
15 local citizens
Based In
Products and Social Enterprise

The Challenge

On the Island of Aruba there are currently no facilities to recycle plastic. This means that it all ends up in the islands landfill, and can even then leak into the mangroves and the sea. This damages the native biodiversity and pollutes the air and land. With tourism on the increase there are more single use plastics being used on Aruba with no solution that is sustainable, circular and community led.

The Solution

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The Process